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Pilates is a lifestyle and there is a sense of fellowship, compassion, and harmony in belonging to the BASI Family. The BASI Pilates community is based in 30+ countries with over 100+ host spaces and more then 10,000 plus graduates worldwide.

BASI’s approach to Pilates Teacher Training is summarised in the name: Body Arts and Science International (BASI). This Pilates Teacher Training course is a comprehensive, curriculum based course and the ‘Comprehensive Global Format’ is a series of three day workshops, self practice, observation, supervised teaching, assignments and a written and practical exam.

BASI Pilates education programs and qualifications provides a range of career paths and there are many ways to shape this to suit your lifestyle. As this is an international certification you could travel and teach abroad,n or perhaps teach on cruise ships, ski lodges and retreats or even combine teaching Pilates with other seasonal work.

BASI NZ is also planning to offer continuous education workshops to deepen understanding on specific populations, topics and industry trends here in New Zealand. In addition to this the Physio Pilates studio offers a fantastic space that encourages the coming together of teachers sharing ideas.

A love of movement, an interest in connecting with your body and physiology and a passion to communicate and connect with people are all qualities that make a good Pilates Teacher. If you want to find the teacher inside you, become part of the journey.

BASI Global Comprehensive
Teacher Training Course

Current Course dates

Module 4-6
5 – 7 June 2020
Module 7-9
24 – 26 July 2020
Module 10-12
28 – 30 August 2020

Planning a second course for later in 2020.
Please get in touch soon if interested!

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